Excerpt from Roseanne: Of Blueprints, Paint Strokes And Dance Steps

Growing up, it was the eldest daughter who vandalized the garage walls using crayons but it was the youngest daughter who grew up and turned it into a livelihood. Architect, mural painter, dancer and entrepreneur, Homer and Sol's youngest daughter is making a name in the field of arts.

In the mid-90s, like most parents, Homer and Sol would ask their kids what they want to become when they grow up. Katherine would say she wants to become an astronaut; Patrick would say he wants to go to Bicol; and Roseanne would say she wants to have long hair. It soon became an inside joke.

When you were younger, what did you want to become when you grow up and why?

Roseanne (R): Magpahaba ng buhok, haha. Joke lang. I wanted to become a pediatrician because I like kids. Naaaliw ako sa kanila.

But as it turned out, only one of the three children pursued the calling for a medical profession. Roseanne got hooked into drawing cartoons and anime characters in grade school. Having an artist for a father helped a lot. During regular trips to Tagaytay, the kids would have art sessions with Dad and learn how to draw nature.

R: Then drawing lang ako ng drawing hanggang high school. Tapos dumating din sa point na gusto ko maging veterinarian kasi I like dogs naman.

R: But when I reached 4th-year high school, I thought of pursuing Accountancy or Fine Arts/Engineering kasi I like Math and of course, I like to draw. So, before ako nag-graduate ng high school, I decided to pursue Architecture because it is a combination of both Math and drawing. And sabi ko sa sarili ko, gusto ko boss ako kaya mas kinuha ko Architecture.

Roseanne graduated with a bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines. She took the Architect Licensure Examination the following year, passed and worked for several architectural firms in Ortigas. Doing sidelines (extra projects) runs in the family. Just like her father, Roseanne accepted several standalone projects that have nothing to do with her chosen professional field.

The first sideline was Tyang's Kitchen. Together with fellow Tomasian Architect Odessa “Ding” Flores, Roseanne became the other half of the “archi-baker duo” and started selling homemade mini tarts and oatmeal chicken fillets. The small operations continue to supply food items to several coffee shops and restaurants within and outside of Metro Manila. Tyang's Kitchen became the “food” arm of the duo's sideline operations.

The second professional sideline was What the EF᎐, which became their “creatives” arm. They took on small design projects and eventually ventured into interior design. The first big deal was the interior design of a fellow Tomasian's new coffee shop in Maginhawa, Quezon City – The Nook Café, which became an instant hit to all book and Harry Potter fans.

The restaurant and their works have been featured in several publications including Hola! Philippines, Speed Magazine, Spot.ph and Cosmo.ph.

Painting on walls became a lucrative sideline that both Roseanne and Ding decided to quit their respective jobs and focus on entrepreneurship. They landed a deal with a multinational search engine company that recently opened its headquarters in the Philippines, and were given 19-storey's worth of staircase to paint on.

They also created the murals at the world famous coffee shop in Antipolo, a board game-slash-coffee lounge in Quezon City and a French-American bistro in Greenbelt, Makati City.

Light on her feet, Roseanne also dabbles in performance art. In college, she co-founded Arkimmerce, the fusion of two dance groups from Commerce and Architecture colleges in UST.

Competing also became second nature as dancing became as natural as breathing. Outside the confines of the university and together with other Arkimmerce alumni, she co-founded a new dance group called LGAC (read as 'legacy'). The team represented the Philippines in the Arena Dance Competition in Chengdu, China on June 5, 2016. Out of 21 dance crews, LGAC finished in 6th place.



Roseanne and Ding recently opened the doors to their new business venture, ef᎐ Studios Dance Block, a dance studio located along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

The Thomasian duo personally designed and managed the construction of the new dance studio, which will be the official home of LGAC and other friends from the local dance community. At the same time, the new commercial area will be the architects’ workspace for the creatives arm of the What the EF᎐ brand.



The ef᎐ Studios Dance Block aims to welcome fellow dancers, regardless of skills level. They eventually plan to hold workshops and dance events for the local community.



Photography: Mad Minds Photography
Makeup & Styling: Ada De Pedro & Kath Eustaquio-Derla
Studio: Toasted Mallows


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