What is #YAI2017?

In October 2016, I started a writing project-slash-online mentoring program. The goal is to help interested participants write a short story with cliffhangers to die for. "You Are Cordially Invited" also known as #YAI2017 is the second spin-off of my first book Before I Do. It will be a collection of short stories (fiction) from local writers with one umbrella theme.

In this writing project, I will share tips on the following:

1. Story And Character Development
2. Goal-Setting (for self-published books)
3. How To *Really* Finish Writing It (because it's not easy)
4. How To Market And Sell Your Books

Out of all the people who applied, 17 made my list. #YAI2017 participants are currently writing their manuscripts with an extended deadline sometime in mid-2017. For finishers, there’s an option to publish the story as a serialized piece, an eBook or a standalone printed book with the help of the PaperKatBooks team. Please stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you for supporting this writing/mentoring program! Share it online and include #YAI2017! 


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