Writing Longhand vs. Writing Online

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There is this constant battle between writing longhand and writing online.  At one point, writing longhand seems very romantic.  I used to write in my journal for hours and hours on end.  I didn't bother with grammar because, for one, I was still in college that time and wasn't really into editing.  When you write longhand, it's harder to correct yourself because there's no "backspace" button.  You end up crossing out words and lines.  But honestly, handwritten journals have a certain and distinct charm that is just so hard to pass up.  And these days, my God, there are hundreds of cute journals you can choose from.

On the other end, it's easier (and safer) to write online.  Sip wine and type away.  There are ways to safeguard your online journal and you wouldn't have to worry about your boyfriend/husband "accidentally" reading your personal journal with bits and pieces of what really goes inside your mind.  It's actually pretty scary to write about what and how you really feel about the one you love most because at certain moments, you realize that maybe you don't really love them that much or you love them so much you neglect them, or worst, they're really not the "greatest love of your life."

But these guys, they're the ones who got the girl.  So maybe, it is just right that the other half accepts that he/she may not be his/her greatest love.  Because of marriage, it's not really just about love. Yes, it plays a big part.  But love with not feed you.  I've been married for 1 month and 8 days, and yet early on, I know that marriage is not just about love.  It's about commitment.  You commit to choosing the one you marry day after day.

So back to my introduction.  Now that I'm married, there are stories I still want to chronicle and frankly, I'm having a hard time since "Veronica" left me.  I'm not sure if I can still summon her back because "Kath" is pretty awesome now that she has mastered the "Care!" attitude she learned from Anne Curtis.  For now, I decide to do this:  "Write the story.  Carve the fiction."  And this project, I intend to finish.  I don't want to be called a quitter again.

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