WAITY 25 Things: My Alma Mater and Hazel (Chapter 1)

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UST photo by kila.adame@ymail.com.


In Episode/Chapter 1: Unrequited, we open with our girl Kit Castille talking about her college years. Here we see a different kind of Kit, very much different from her “Queen Bitch” / “Mean Girl” persona in Before I Do, wherein I briefly mentioned her alma mater during that steak dinner. Did you catch that one? 

In #BeforeIDo, I wrote that she lost a bet with Johnny during the UST vs. DLSU UAAP finals. In #WhatAmIToYou’s last few chapters, I confirmed that she’s a Thomasian (you have to get your hands on the book to read that one).

The University of Santo Tomas was my inspiration for the setting. It should be because it’s my alma mater. I spent four years there (2002 to 2006) and took up journalism. Like Kit, I also had to carry an old-school typewriter to one of my journalism classes.


UST photo by kila.adame@ymail.com.


The inspiration behind the character “Hazel” is no other than my real college BFF, Ria Lumandog, whose second name is “Hazel.” She’s a lifestyle and entertainment blogger based in Manila and we’ve been friends since college. She's also one of the writers in #BeforeIDoAnthology. Read her piece here. 

By the way, the spaghetti tribute happened in real life, but it wasn’t Hazel who did that. It was some other classmate.

And if you’re wondering, yes, there’s a real life “Matthew Rondillo” and I based his character on someone I met and fell in love with in college—yes, a transferee too, but not from bio. The real “Matthew” took up pharmacy before he shifted courses.

So, anyone from UST here? 🙂

Talk to me! If you have any questions about Chapter 1, send me an inquiry on Facebook or send it via email to kceustaquio@gmail.com.



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