WAITY 25 Things: My Alma Mater and Hazel (Chapter 1)

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UST photo by kila.adame@ymail.com.   In Episode/Chapter 1: Unrequited, we open with our girl Kit Castille talking about her college years. Here we see a different kind of Kit, very much different from her “Queen Bitch” / “Mean Girl” persona in Before I Do, wherein I briefly mentioned her alma mater during that steak dinner. Did you catch that one?  In #BeforeIDo, I wrote that she lost a bet with Johnny during the UST vs. DLSU UAAP finals. In #WhatAmIToYou’s last few chapters, I confirmed that she’s a Thomasian (you have to get your hands on the book to read […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About What Am I To You

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  When KB first approached me about a collab with Bookbed.org, I immediately said ‘yes.’ I’ve been sitting on a manuscript for the prequel to Before I Do and I want to release it first online before self-publishing it later this year. That was in February. Seven months later, here we are, only 4 or 5 episodes left before it goes to press. Yep, I am the COO (child of owner) of a small printing company in Manila. I self-publish my own titles but for Before I Do’s prequel and sequel, let’s see. These could get bigger *wink wink*. But […]

Sayaw ng Pagibig

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Our good friend and very talented artist Michan gave us a very wonderful gift for our wedding: a special song. It’s called “Sayaw ng Pagibig.” Back in December, Michan asked me to describe what was going through my mind when I had my first dance with Jet on our wedding day. On November 22, 2014, Jet and I danced to “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra for our ‘sweet dance’ routine. We initially wanted to do away with the ‘sweet dance’ part and just go ahead with the ska-dance routine but our lovely wedding coordinator Erlie insisted we […]