First Condo Home

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Shortly after our civil wedding in 2013, Jet and I moved into our first rental condo in the Philippines. It was very small, only 24.21 sqm really, just a bit bigger than our bedroom in Jet’s property in Taytay. Yes, it was so small but it was also the first time we lived together and we experienced a lot of firsts, especially for me–someone who never experienced living in a dorm in college. And it was our own space and we loved the privacy. We lived in a one-bedroom unit in SMDC Light Residences, the SM property in front of the […]

How We Prepared For #Homer@60 Birthday Party

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On September 17, 2016, we staged what’s perhaps the biggest celebration for our family, my Dad’s 60th birthday party at Industriya Restaurant in Marikina City. Most, if not all, of our party celebrations are big–at least in terms of guest headcount (and at least for us). We always exceed the personal limit of 150 headcount, bordering on 200 pax. Even my own church wedding in 2014 didn’t go over 150 pax because we’ve decided to keep it small and intimate. But when I say #HomerAt60 is one of the biggest, I’m also talking about the concept, detail, and execution. We […]

First Christmas in Malaysia

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In 2015, I spent my first Christmas with Jet in Malaysia. After being away for over a year (he moved abroad first), it felt great to finally spend the holidays with my husband. But it also meant not being able to experience the whole Eustaquio Christmas time traditions in the Philippines and somehow, it felt lonely despite the numerous video calls. I also felt robbed of the Christmas cheer. Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, so they really don’t celebrate Christmas. And even if they do, most people celebrate the “commercial” kind of Christmas. The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur held […]

[Malaysia] Celebrated My 30th Birthday with Coffee & Art

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In 2015, I celebrated my 30th birthday in Malaysia. I’ve always been a fan of coffee and arts. So what better way to celebrate it than attending a coffee and arts festival in one of the malls here. Jet and I went to Publika Mall and checked out Nescafe’s Coffee & Art Fringe Festival. Personally, I think the festivals (or mall events) in the Philippines are staged better. More fun, really. But we enjoyed the day and had fat, juicy, delicious burgers at Fatboy’s The Burger Bar. It was a fun day to be out and about. Free entrance to […]

Today, I just lost my past.

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  Hong Kong 2010 Today, I just lost my past. To be more specific, I just lost all of my files in USB #2, the one that contains zipped files of photos from 2009 to present.  Plus my portfolio. Normally, I would have gone… “!#$%$^%&^*&” but surprisingly, I was calm and poised and almost serene as I tried to recover what I could using Recuva.  And I did recover most of them, including the folder that contained photos I couldn’t replace. Thank God. As for the rest of my files, they high-resolution copies are gone forever, including all of my […]

Just Got Brewed

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  This morning, I had the biggest craving for some coffee cupcakes but since I have no time to bake today, I settled on making brewed coffee instead.   Yes, after months and months of living on instant coffee, I’ve decided to go back to brewing my own. After all, the coffee maker is just sitting there on the counter, collecting dust. Come to think of it, when did I ever start drinking instant coffee? Because they’re so convenient and fast to make. When you brew your own, you have to wait for a few minutes before you can down […]

Simple Daily Things

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I was browsing through Regina’s blog a while ago and saw a video she shared about Divine Lee. I was inspired, really, because I think I’m one of those girls who doesn’t know how to cook until recently. I mean, when Jet met me the only thing I can cook is an omelette and the good ol’ spaghetti recipe. But now, I’m proud to say that I can whip up some other dishes as well, Chicken Cordon Bleu included. And of course, the cookies, cupcakes, and apple pie. Haha! I like what Divine wrote at the end of the video, […]

Note to all Graduating Students

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 These past few days, I found myself sharing some of my experiences with my sister’s friends who are in their last year in college. They all share the same sentiments and fears that my 16-year-old self never even bothered with—“What am I going to do after college?”, “What if I don’t get a job?”, “Saan ako pupulitin, pakshet!” and “What do you do with a B.A. in English?” When I was in senior college, I never thought of these things. But not because I already knew where I’m headed; it’s because I had only one thing in mind the moment […]

Daddy’s Little Girl

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  Tomorrow is Father’s Day. So earlier this evening, I thought of posting Bob Carlisle’s Butterfly Kisses on Facebook as my greeting for my Dad on this special occasion. I searched for the video on Youtube and I found out that there are so many weddings songs that revolve around the father-daughter-mother theme. I decided to go with Heartland’s I Loved Her First for my Facebook wall post.   Both songs talk about how much it pains a father to give away his daughter on her wedding day. The girl in the pretty wedding gown used to be the little […]

Happy Couple

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  One of my cheap thrills is to browse at love & relationship articles in Yahoo! Whenever I feel the need to stop writing and start reading, I go over my growing list of bookmarked articles from different websites. Apart from getting a whiff of fresh air and a different perspective on things, they do provide inspiration. I found a great one today. According to one article, here are the things that happy couples talk about. I’m so psyched because Jet and I do talk about these things and more.   •  Embarrassing Moments. Too many to mention. And we […]