#MakeAColorfulImpression Photo Shoot

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Sometime in 2015, before I left for Malaysia and before my good friend Ada finalized her plans to move to Istanbul, my family and I had a photoshoot for the #HSGrafikPrint book, Make A Colorful Impression.

The approved concept was pretty simple: black and white photos over watercolor backgrounds. Initially, we wanted to stage a colored powder photoshoot like this one:

Credit: Dutch Foto

But it would be hard to find a studio that would allow us to do something like this. And if ever we do find one, the production and cleanup would be very messy and, not to mention, expensive. So we decided to leverage on digital art and just use watercolor backgrounds.

Mad Minds Photography worked on our Prohibition-themed prenup photos last 2014 and we've decided to get them again for this project. Photographer-duo Marley and Marvin did another great job. My friend Ada and I did the styling and makeup and we had our photo shoot at Toasted Mallows Studio in Pasig.

I've decided not to have my photos taken for this project. We used our Wedding Prep photos taken by Aceron Studios and our Prenup photos taken by Mad Minds Photography years before for the book. Here are some of the finished pieces that we used in the coffee table book. Feel free to browse more on my official portfolio page (links are included below). Enjoy!

Styling & Art Direction: Katherine Castillo Eustaquio / Ada De Pedro
Hair & Makeup: Ada De Pedro / Rachel Aberaturi Cadiz
Photography: Mad Minds Photography / Aceron Studios
Studio: Toasted Mallows


Check out more of Homer's photos here.


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Check out more of Patrick's photos here.

Naturally, the photo shoot took the whole day and my brother, a medicine student,
studied the whole day while waiting for his turn.


Check out more of Homer and Sol's photos here.


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 Top (from left): Ada, Ding, Anne, Patrick, Marley (with baby Meg inside, hehe) and Marvin.
Bottom (from left): Kath, Sol and Homer


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