How We Prepared For #Homer@60 Birthday Party

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On September 17, 2016, we staged what's perhaps the biggest celebration for our family, my Dad's 60th birthday party at Industriya Restaurant in Marikina City. Most, if not all, of our party celebrations are big--at least in terms of guest headcount (and at least for us). We always exceed the personal limit of 150 headcount, bordering on 200 pax. Even my own church wedding in 2014 didn't go over 150 pax because we've decided to keep it small and intimate. But when I say #HomerAt60 is one of the biggest, I'm also talking about the concept, detail, and execution.

We actually started the party preparations 1.5 years in advance. The interviews for the coffee table book #MakeAColorfulImpression, which we launched during the party, actually started way before I moved to Malaysia. But the real work started at least 8 months before the big event.

I took on the responsibility of head party planner. I finalized the #MakeAColorfulImpression concept out of so many we vetoed. My Dad is an artist and the grandson of Tiburcio Eustaquio, the man who crafted the first sole of the now-famous Marikina-made shoes. Naturally, we chose an "artist" party concept and looked for a venue that reflected our heritage and met our party requirements. As for the "colorful" aspect, "Make A Colorful Impression" is our printing business' tagline since 2012, I believe.

Industriya Restaurant in Marikina is an artisan-themed restaurant with a big party venue to match. After so many back-and-forth online meetings between Malaysia and the Philippines, we finally secured all the suppliers we needed for the party. We also decided to launch #PaperKatBooks during the party, which is the self-publishing arm of our small printing business in the Philippines.

I flew to Manila two weeks before the party to finalize open deals and talk with the suppliers. We had our pre-production meeting and final ocular at the restaurant.

On event day, Jet and I were 2 hours late for the call time. I was 1 hour late for hair and makeup, which explained why the event started 30 minutes behind schedule. I had no idea how horrible the traffic situation was along Marcos Highway until we got stuck in the middle of it. But after the small delay, everything went smoothly and we were all so happy to see our family, relatives and friends at the event, celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday.

So here are some behind-the-scenes photos and videos you might want to check out. Yep, after securing the go signal from my family, I wrote all the copy and designed everything!

Once again, on behalf of my family, I would like to thank again our wonderful A-Team for another job well done. Till the next Eustaquio party! 🙂

#HomerAt60 Event Team


Pre-Event Production

#HomerAt60 Giveaways


How my Dad explained to me the design specifications for the #MakeAColorfulExpression book jacket.


How we made the #MakeAColorfulImpression book cover.


Materials for the #HomerAt60 invitation.


Easel and poster for the #MakeAColorfulImpression and #PaperKatBooks launch.


We had coloring book pages on the table so the guests can kill some time while waiting for the event to start. We provided them with coloring materials.



We created an event photo frame so folks can leave their birthday wishes for the celebrant.


Official Videos

Moodsetter video 1 by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla (Presented during #HomerAt60, September 17, 2016, Manila, Philippines)

Moodsetter video 2 by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla (Presented during #HomerAt60, September 17, 2016, Manila, Philippines)

Official #HomerAt60 Highlight Videos by Aceron Studios


Official Printed Materials


Stage backdrop design.



Cash gift insert.




Gift card.


Event ticket.


Photobooth design.


Event invitation.






Event giveaway cover (memo cube).





Printed signs for raffle (event registration table).


Save the date artwork for Facebook.


You can check more printed materials here.


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