The #WhatAmIToYou Spotify Playlist

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A few weeks ago I hinted that there’s a “secret” #BeforeIDo playlist on YouTube. Actually, each of the books I wrote/write (because I’m still currently writing #FinallyIDo and #MARIPOSA) has a dedicated YouTube playlist. Nothing really fancy, just a bunch of songs that mean something to me or to the actual location where the backstories took place or to the real-life people my fictional characters are based on. Last night, I decided to create a version of the #WhatAmIToYou playlist on Spotify so you can all enjoy it. Just search for #WhatAmIToYou on Spotify. It’s also available on YouTube here. […]

Writing Longhand vs. Writing Online

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  There is this constant battle between writing longhand and writing online.  At one point, writing longhand seems very romantic.  I used to write in my journal for hours and hours on end.  I didn’t bother with grammar because, for one, I was still in college that time and wasn’t really into editing.  When you write longhand, it’s harder to correct yourself because there’s no “backspace” button.  You end up crossing out words and lines.  But honestly, handwritten journals have a certain and distinct charm that is just so hard to pass up.  And these days, my God, there are […]


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Post from June 6, 2013     Many writers would agree that the best “quotable quotes” are from everyday, random conversations with friends and strangers.  Sometimes, it feels so liberating and “safe” to confide in a stranger who doesn’t know anything about your past, your present, and your future.  There’s no judgment.  No pity.  No what ifs.  No unsolicited advice.  Nothing whatsoever.  There are only a pair of eyes willing to look and ears willing to listen for a short while. Before I got engaged, there was a time in my life that I felt lost, confused, and terrified of […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About What Am I To You

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  When KB first approached me about a collab with, I immediately said ‘yes.’ I’ve been sitting on a manuscript for the prequel to Before I Do and I want to release it first online before self-publishing it later this year. That was in February. Seven months later, here we are, only 4 or 5 episodes left before it goes to press. Yep, I am the COO (child of owner) of a small printing company in Manila. I self-publish my own titles but for Before I Do’s prequel and sequel, let’s see. These could get bigger *wink wink*. But […]

Sayaw ng Pagibig

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Our good friend and very talented artist Michan gave us a very wonderful gift for our wedding: a special song. It’s called “Sayaw ng Pagibig.” Back in December, Michan asked me to describe what was going through my mind when I had my first dance with Jet on our wedding day. On November 22, 2014, Jet and I danced to “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra for our ‘sweet dance’ routine. We initially wanted to do away with the ‘sweet dance’ part and just go ahead with the ska-dance routine but our lovely wedding coordinator Erlie insisted we […]

First, For A Young Writer

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Before I Do, Only A Kiss, Cities and other titles from fellow Filipino Authors are now available at National Bookstore SM Megamall. The book display is available until Dec, 25, 2015.   I want to cement today’s achievement with a blog post. December 4, 2015 will be remembered as the day my first book landed on the first bookstore in Manila, Philippines. For as long as I could remember, since the day I got hooked in those little books of short romance novels based in Manila, I’ve fantasized how it would feel if I see one of my books on […]


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Let me start this blog with thoughts of gratitude. Years ago, I dreamt of ‘some things’. I dreamt loosely, for as long as I could remember. Less than two years ago, following my burning enlightenment in early 2014, I started dreaming a little more…fiercely. A change of pace and a change of place led to me realize, some of those dreams shouldn’t be left in my head. In mid-2014, I found myself in a place that really pushed me beyond my limits. It was there that I discovered how much more I was capable of doing. The things and the […]