The #WhatAmIToYou Spotify Playlist

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A few weeks ago I hinted that there’s a “secret” #BeforeIDo playlist on YouTube. Actually, each of the books I wrote/write (because I’m still currently writing #FinallyIDo and #MARIPOSA) has a dedicated YouTube playlist. Nothing really fancy, just a bunch of songs that mean something to me or to the actual location where the backstories took place or to the real-life people my fictional characters are based on. Last night, I decided to create a version of the #WhatAmIToYou playlist on Spotify so you can all enjoy it. Just search for #WhatAmIToYou on Spotify. It’s also available on YouTube here. […]

Sayaw ng Pagibig

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Our good friend and very talented artist Michan gave us a very wonderful gift for our wedding: a special song. It’s called “Sayaw ng Pagibig.” Back in December, Michan asked me to describe what was going through my mind when I had my first dance with Jet on our wedding day. On November 22, 2014, Jet and I danced to “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra for our ‘sweet dance’ routine. We initially wanted to do away with the ‘sweet dance’ part and just go ahead with the ska-dance routine but our lovely wedding coordinator Erlie insisted we […]

[Malaysia] Band’s Short Stint as Random Adobo [With Audio Files]

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Trivia: I had piano, voice, and theater acting lessons as a teenager. I had recitals at malls and sang an M2M (forgot the title, but I remember the chills) and an OPM hit (Dadalhin by Regine Velasquez) for two recitals. The first one was held at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall activity center and the second recital was held at the UP Theater. I think we had pictures, even videos. But the videos were already destroyed, hahaha. Seriously, I don’t know where they are now. But I remember, fondly, that I wore a nice, black evening gown for the UP […]

I’m forever yours, faithfully.

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  I was listening to Arnel Pineda’s version of Faithfully a while ago while doing the layout for this political book I’m handling. I do that a lot—multitask. But a few lines from the song hit home and I felt the need to click pause and write for a short while before I gear up and leave for an appointment in Pioneer and dinner in McKinley. The song talks about the musings of a music man about his long distance relationship. The allure of the long and winding roads, the busy tour schedules, the allure, fame, and opportunities that come from […]