[PART 1]

By Zam Obenita

My life is multi-faceted. To be a mom and a dad at the same time is another story. I need to gear up like Wonder Woman to make sure I accomplish every single responsibility of a single mother. But my two princesses give so much joy in my life and I'm grateful to my parents who help me raise them.

After breaking up with my kids’ dad, I was single for two years. It was difficult going to dates and having relationships. My hands are full. I live in an apartment close to where I work while my kids live with my parents in a different city. I don't have time to date.

I'm not your typical party girl who enjoys the nightlife during weekends. Apart from working in the BPO industry, I'm a homebody. If I'm not going home to see my kids, I’m in my apartment just cooking, reading books, and cleaning. I have a bizarre way of getting rid of the weeks’ worth of stress by calling my kids, putting them on speakerphone, and cleaning my bathroom. But I have to admit, there are nights when loneliness would creep in.

At the office, I met this bubbly girl who wears pink and multi-colored nails. I find it cute so I befriended her. She introduced me to her older brother who works abroad and we clicked. He asked for my number and he called me up. Fast forward, Mark and I became a couple.

Long distance relationship has its perks and a plethora of disadvantages. One of the biggest challenges we had to face is the difficulty in maintaining communication. His internet signal wasn't that stable but he made sure to call and greet me on our month anniversaries. I didn’t have ready internet access so I always had to find an internet café nearby with free Wi-Fi.

It took tremendous effort to adjust depending on where he was at the moment. I gave our relationship A+ when it comes to my efforts. And we survived. We seldom fought. To avoid conflicts, I took note of his do’s and don’ts. We didn’t really have rules but we had set proper expectations from each other.

After 9 months of talking over the phone and exchanging photos, I was finally going to see him in the flesh. He took an evening flight from Manila to Davao. I was fidgeting at the airport because I didn't know how I will react upon seeing him. I don't know what to say either but I was excited at the same time, talk about bipolar mood swings. Yes, it’s normal to feel this way.

When his plane landed, I kept taking a peek at the departure area, trying to get a glimpse of him and recalling in my head if I still got the right description. I was looking at all the people getting out, one by one. And there he was, the last person out of departure.

Tall, fair-skinned and sporting a short hair. He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of cargo shorts He was carrying this huge mountaineer’s backpack and a Cinnabon box on one hand.

When he spotted me, I smiled and he smiled back shyly. I felt the butterflies dancing in my stomach. We just stared at each other. And we both said “Hi” as though we were saying it for the first time in our lives.

He was beautiful. He smelled good too. And he did something sweet during our first face-to-face meeting. He gave me 3 sweet, gentle kisses on the forehead, while everyone else looked.


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About Zam


I'm a single parent who juggles time between being a loving mom to two lovely daughters, managing a farm, running quality check for a company, and sometimes making myself vulnerable in dating some guys.

I like to wear flats because I always think I can easily run if I'm being mobbed. I'm coffee during some days and whiskey during others. I'm a force to be reckoned with. I'm mean. I’m a bully at the office because I want my people tough enough to stand the poison that is the corporate world. I don't want them eaten alive.

I'm brutally honest. To those who know me, I’m overly dramatic, sweet, and nurturing. I'm intimidating but hey, if I don't know you, I wouldn't even pretend and give you a notion of “feeling close.”

I have a habit of walking out on my dates. I like the rain and Pugad Baboy. Over the years of heartache, triumphs, and disappointments, I have developed a skill I call “calculated move for a calculated risk.”


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