[PART 1]

By Winter Aliedo

When I was ten years old, I had mental pictures of the perfect boyfriend, the perfect first kiss, and the perfect relationship. I was inspired by the books I read, the Japanese animes that I watched wherein my favorite couples ended up together, and my parents' own love story. As young as I was back then, I promised that I would give my heart to someone when I finally turned 18.

Seven years later, I became obsessed with a Filipino pogi rock band who called themselves Callalily. I became one of those girls who attended their gigs, bought their CDs, and even wrote a poem for one of their band members. I joined the text group organized by “Callalista” for all the fans of the band. The administrator of Callalista welcomed me to the group and sent my number to the other members.

Alden of Callalily. Photo courtesy of the author.

As fate would have it, I met my first boyfriend through that text group. For now, let’s call him Borg. He was not a big fan of Callalily but he liked most of their songs because it helped him to move on from his former love.

Borg was not the guy I dreamt of when I was a kid. He wasn’t tall or even handsome. He wasn’t the type who swept me off my feet or made my heart skip a bit when our eyes met. He wasn’t the one who gave me that spark when we kissed for the first time. Yet, I knew that I felt something for him when I first heard his voice.

We were both in college then, I was in my sophomore year and he was a freshman when our paths crossed. He courted me for six months and I was happy that my family accepted Borg though he was younger than me by a year.

Sadly, it was different from Borg’s side. He was not able to introduce me to his parents because he came from a broken family. He kept on saying that his mother had a heart condition. I understood his situation, though I was hoping that someday, I will meet his family, particularly his mother.

Borg became my many firsts. He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss and, eventually, my first heartbreak. He promised not to break my heart and he would take good care of it. But, his words were only words. He cheated on me and up until the end of our relationship, he didn't admit it. We were together for almost five years.

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About Winter

Winter Aliedo is a hopeless romantic, a 28-year-old woman who daydreams about The One. Most of the time, she weaves stories in her head because she loves imagining herself as one of her characters. She is also a self-proclaimed bookworm, music lover, and movie enthusiast.

Winter can stay inside a bookstore the whole day, listen to FM radio station or watch YouTube videos from dawn to midnight. And when she watches movies, she prefers being alone with her favorite milk tea and nachos.



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