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Do you have a story to tell? You can be part of  Before I Do Anthology Vol. 2 (#BIDOAV2)! The team is made up of writers and non-writers who want to share their insights and life stories about what happens before and after the 'I Dos'. Everyone is welcome to join!


This project has 2 stages!

**Stage 1 (October – December 2017)

Publish the BIDOAV2 pieces online on the #PaperKatBooks website.


**Stage 2 (January – March 2018)

Produce a paperback version of the entire anthology project with writers as co-publishers. This means the published writers will pitch in to produce the paperback version of the book. The total cost will depend on how many writers we get and how many want to join the paperback (printed book) version. This is optional. You don’t have to join the paperback version if you don’t want to.


How to Join (Online)

  1. Visit the #PaperKatBooks website and check #BIDOAV1 for samples.
  2. Write your own article. See suggested topics below. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN.
  3. Email your entry to kceustaquio@gmail.com with the following details:
    • Your Profile: Name, age, legal marital and/or Facebook Status (are you single, in a relationship, in denial, in between, in love, in pain?)
    • What do you do and what industry are you in? (Everyone is welcome to join, no need for writing background!)
    • Why do you want to join? Seriously, bakit? Have your read Before I Do Anthology Volume 1?
    • Are you interested in joining the paperback version of BIDOAV2 in March 2018?
  4. #PaperKatBooks will review your entry. If you pass, we will notify you via email.
  5. To be published online, you need to buy three of our books. 
Title Unit Cost
Before I Do Php200.00
Before I Do Anthology Vol. 1 Php295.00
What Am I To You Php300.00
Note: For those who bought our books before, you still need to purchase 3 books (any combination). Books make great gifts! You can give extra copies to friends and family. This is to be fair to everyone who wants to join. 🙂

*The package includes FREE bookmarks
* Free shipping within the Philippines.


Just to clarify, you don't need to buy our 3 books BEFORE you send us your submission/s. You only need to buy the 3 books as our requirement AFTER you send your submission and you passed. 🙂


6. To buy the books, please deposit payment to:

Katherine C. Eustaquio-Derla
BPI: 1959 2803 35 (Philippine Peso)
Paypal: kcederla@gmail.com

7. Please email a copy or a photo of the deposit slip/payment notification to kceustaquio@gmail.com so we can confirm payment. Send us the following details via email:

  • Name:
  • Complete Shipping Address:
  • Mobile Number (for the courier form):
  • Special Request (Do you want a special dedication?):

8. Upon payment, we will include your entry in the editorial lineup for the online publication.


If you join us, will do the following for you:

  • FREE line-editing services (for online publication only)
  • FREE photo quotes (total of 5) for your entry/article
  • FREE online marketing (inclusion in all online promos for BIDOAV2)
  • Personal invitation to join the paperback version of BIDOAV2 and related events (like book launching).


Are you ready to write?

You don’t have to be a published writer/author to join the project. What we’re looking for are people who want to share their stories/lessons learned. If you want to share your stories to a broader audience, then join us and let's make it happen! We will help you with the writing part! Here are a few reminders.


Entry Format

  1. Please use Microsoft Word Document.
  2. Font: Arial or Times New Roman
  3. Font size: 12 pts.
  4. Word Count: 1,000 words (minimum) / 3,000 words (maximum)
    • We encourage not to exceed the maximum word count but if you do, we will publish your piece in installments. We understand the need to release a lot of #HUGOT.
    • You can also send us more than one (1) entry. 🙂
  5. Language: English
    • Tagalog-English is acceptable but please limit your Taglish to just a few lines.
    • For now, we don’t accept entries written in Tagalog.
  6. Censorship: You can be as loud or as crass as you want. If you read #BIDOAV1, you’ll realize we don’t care much about profanity, we are not sensitive. When we line-edit, we will edit accordingly (because some readers can be sensitive).
  7. Photos: Feel free to send 3-5 photos to accompany your entry. We can publish them online and in the paperback version. If you down own the photos, include who to credit.


Suggested Topics


  1. Dating Issues in Manila. 
    • This could be from your own experience or a friend’s. As long as it is non-fiction.
  2. Relationship Woes / Experiences. 
    • You can write about The Heartbreak that took you years to recover from.
    • You can write about That Asshole, The One Who Got Away, The Friendzoned, The Cheater, The Womanizer, The Man-Eater, The Tease.
  3. Lessons Learned Before You Said ‘I Do.’
    • You can write about your experience about finally finding The One.
  4. Lessons Learned After You Said ‘I Do.’
    • Because seriously, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. It is really about compromise.
  5. Cultural and Spiritual Hang-ups Related to Dating
    • You can write about how you dodge your titas’ comments about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend yet.
    • You can write how frustrating it is when your relatives ask when you’re getting married (single or not).
    • You can write about how infuriating it is when relatives ask when you’re going to have a baby (hello, boundaries please?)


Project Timeline

  • Announcement: August 6, 2017                                                          *DONE*
  • Call for entries: Septembe - December 2017                                    *ONGOING*
  • Deadline for entries: December 2017                                             *ONGOING*
  • Approval of entries: August-December 2017                                  *ONGOING*
  • Publication of entries (online): October – December 2017      *ONGOING*
  • Target printing (paperback): March 2018


The #PaperKatBooks Team

  • Online Publishers: Jester Derla & Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla
  • Editor: #PaperKatBooks Copy Editors (To be announced)
  • Beta Readers: #PaperKatBooks Beta Readers (To be announced)
  • Paperback Version Printer: HS Grafik Print 
  • Possible Book Launching: May 2018 or earlier


What are you waiting for? You should be writing! 🙂

Everyone is welcome to join!

For inquiries, email kceustaquio@gmail.com.


Check out the published pieces below:

The Dating Experiment by Madison Sajud-Sevilla

Love Versus Social Reputation by Irone Kim Tolibao

At The Right Time by Charry Hannah Catingub

Someday…One Day by Winter Aliedo

The One That Got Away by Zam Obenita

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