[Malaysia] Bangsar Village Post-Valentine’s Day Date

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Valentine’s Day 2017 in Malaysia fell on a Tuesday. So Jet and I decided to move our V-Date to the weekend. We’ve been looking for a good lobster restaurant here in Kuala Lumpur and found Pince & Pints KL in Bangsar Village. It’s a small restaurant, seats roughly 70 pax, including the bar area. But the food’s good. A bit pricey, yes, but hey it’s Valentine’s Day! We’re all about indulgence.  Took a few photos. I’m a bad food blogger. I take bad food photos. But here you go. Bangsar Village has that small community feel to it.   To the […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About What Am I To You

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  When KB first approached me about a collab with Bookbed.org, I immediately said ‘yes.’ I’ve been sitting on a manuscript for the prequel to Before I Do and I want to release it first online before self-publishing it later this year. That was in February. Seven months later, here we are, only 4 or 5 episodes left before it goes to press. Yep, I am the COO (child of owner) of a small printing company in Manila. I self-publish my own titles but for Before I Do’s prequel and sequel, let’s see. These could get bigger *wink wink*. But […]

Sayaw ng Pagibig

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Our good friend and very talented artist Michan gave us a very wonderful gift for our wedding: a special song. It’s called “Sayaw ng Pagibig.” Back in December, Michan asked me to describe what was going through my mind when I had my first dance with Jet on our wedding day. On November 22, 2014, Jet and I danced to “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra for our ‘sweet dance’ routine. We initially wanted to do away with the ‘sweet dance’ part and just go ahead with the ska-dance routine but our lovely wedding coordinator Erlie insisted we […]

First Christmas in Malaysia

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In 2015, I spent my first Christmas with Jet in Malaysia. After being away for over a year (he moved abroad first), it felt great to finally spend the holidays with my husband. But it also meant not being able to experience the whole Eustaquio Christmas time traditions in the Philippines and somehow, it felt lonely despite the numerous video calls. I also felt robbed of the Christmas cheer. Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, so they really don’t celebrate Christmas. And even if they do, most people celebrate the “commercial” kind of Christmas. The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur held […]

First, For A Young Writer

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Before I Do, Only A Kiss, Cities and other titles from fellow Filipino Authors are now available at National Bookstore SM Megamall. The book display is available until Dec, 25, 2015.   I want to cement today’s achievement with a blog post. December 4, 2015 will be remembered as the day my first book landed on the first bookstore in Manila, Philippines. For as long as I could remember, since the day I got hooked in those little books of short romance novels based in Manila, I’ve fantasized how it would feel if I see one of my books on […]


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Let me start this blog with thoughts of gratitude. Years ago, I dreamt of ‘some things’. I dreamt loosely, for as long as I could remember. Less than two years ago, following my burning enlightenment in early 2014, I started dreaming a little more…fiercely. A change of pace and a change of place led to me realize, some of those dreams shouldn’t be left in my head. In mid-2014, I found myself in a place that really pushed me beyond my limits. It was there that I discovered how much more I was capable of doing. The things and the […]

[Malaysia] Celebrated My 30th Birthday with Coffee & Art

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In 2015, I celebrated my 30th birthday in Malaysia. I’ve always been a fan of coffee and arts. So what better way to celebrate it than attending a coffee and arts festival in one of the malls here. Jet and I went to Publika Mall and checked out Nescafe’s Coffee & Art Fringe Festival. Personally, I think the festivals (or mall events) in the Philippines are staged better. More fun, really. But we enjoyed the day and had fat, juicy, delicious burgers at Fatboy’s The Burger Bar. It was a fun day to be out and about. Free entrance to […]

[Malaysia] Band’s Short Stint as Random Adobo [With Audio Files]

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Trivia: I had piano, voice, and theater acting lessons as a teenager. I had recitals at malls and sang an M2M (forgot the title, but I remember the chills) and an OPM hit (Dadalhin by Regine Velasquez) for two recitals. The first one was held at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall activity center and the second recital was held at the UP Theater. I think we had pictures, even videos. But the videos were already destroyed, hahaha. Seriously, I don’t know where they are now. But I remember, fondly, that I wore a nice, black evening gown for the UP […]

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: Home To Our Heritage and Legacy

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Words by Katherine Castillo Eustaquio Photos by Nicole Alvaro Published in Balikbayan Magazine       Our trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan relived an age-old, almost-forgotten Filipino custom. The tour guides told us to remove our shoes before entering the two-storey house called Casa Luna. The 1850s house is now home to a wide collection of old Filipino memorabilia: old milk cans, wooden tobacco cases, antique ironing board, typewriters, and a victrola from the 18th to early 20th century. As soon as we entered the old Ilocano home, we immediately noticed the very narrow hallway, […]

A Taste of Old World Flavors at Marivent Café

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Words By Katherine Castillo Eustaquio Photos by Nicole Alvaro Published in Balikbayan Magazine   Food plays an integral role in defining a country’s culture. The more we travel, the more we open our taste buds to unique flavors, which give a nation its distinct identity. The food at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar reminds one of summers spent in the province, where women prepare good, old-fashioned dishes for their guests in an open-air “dirty” kitchen.  It reminds one of a time when “lunch” was served on a long table, whether in the immaculate dining room or in the backyard. Hearty […]