Excerpt from Why Not A Nice Guy For Once?

By Wayne Joseph Tulio


Full disclosure: I’m 33-years old and I’ve been single for a decade now. I already know what you’re thinking. You probably think I’m either a commitment-phobe or a guy unequipped with the game necessary to sweep a lady off her feet. I’m neither. I’m somewhere in between, I guess. But one thing I’ve always been labeled by friends—and secretly by women I’ve dated (only for their friends to tell me)—is that I’m apparently, “too nice.”

What the fuck does that even mean, right? Imagine my disbelief hearing the following:

“He’s really nice and a gentleman, but he’s just too willing.”

“He’s cool naman, but he’s just too available.”

“He would’ve been okay sana, kaso lang, he’s too nice.”

I fully understand that in dating and relationships, it’s a matter of preference, connection and the sparks.

Then, there’s the whole thrill of the chase, too. We, men, like to be challenged just as you women like to be put in a spot where you have to think if a guy is truly interested or not.

I’m not naive to these things. I’ve lived three decades in this world and with enough wisdom, thanks to beer-filled sessions with buddies of all ages and coffee chats with the many girl, friends (yes, there’s a comma) I have in my life. But that’s only back up knowledge, by the way. I also used to be one of the editors of a leading men’s magazine where I’ve interviewed relationship experts and got female perspectives on dating, sex and relationships.


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About Wayne

Aside from being generally a nice guy, Wayne Joseph Tulio is mostly a lad who works in public relations. He also dabbles in freelance writing for different men’s and women’s websites and magazines.

Wayne is also a certified personal trainer who’s figuring out what he’s going to do with that credential. 


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