Excerpt from Make It A Partnership

By Sol C. Eustaquio


Tell us about your significant other. What is your love story?

Sol: Our love story started during the days when I was trying to balance my work and studies. Although I already finished a secretarial course, I was trying to graduate with a degree in accountancy. I wanted to be a Certified Public Accountant. At that time, I was working part-time at an accounting firm when a friend of my boss referred his artist friend who can design our new logo. Little did I know, that friend ended up being my future husband.


Before you got married, what were your reservations or fears about getting hitched?

Sol: Actually, I didn’t have those feelings, since we discovered that we need each other to make our dreams come true.


What urban legends or false impressions do you think young women believe about marriage?

Sol: I think that the false impressions of many women today, particularly teenagers, is that marriage is the solution to get out of their own family obligations or that marriage will solve their current problems. Unfortunately, many end up having more problems because of their snap decisions or false hopes.


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About Sol

Sol Castillo Eustaquio is a Certified Public Accountant by profession and a businesswoman at heart. She is the mother of three children—Katherine, a writer; Roseanne, an architect; and Patrick, a medicine student.

She is the “S” in the dynamic duo behind HS Grafik Print, a family-owned and operated printing company in Pasig City, Philippines.


Photos by Mad Minds Photography




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