Excerpt from Blue Sapphire

By Marco Villanueva*


So this is my story. It began in high school when I was a complete failure when it comes to women. During both my Junior and Senior prom, I failed to get myself a date—with both women telling me that they were going stag. Then, on prom night, I saw them in the arms of either the varsity superstar or the poor fucker who got bro-zoned.

College came. I got a fresh start. Unlike in high school, there were no more cliques. In college, the popular guy/girl status wasn’t carried over. In a way, I got a chance to reset my “reputation”— from the awkward shy kid in high school to the sociable, fun-loving, confident guy from Psychology class who had pretty good grades (not great magna cum laude grades but semi-regular, Dean’s List grades).

I had a blast in college. I became a model for Rustan’s and Lee jeans. I even became one of the 50 “Candy Cuties” for a girl’s teenybopper magazine. It was during this time in my life when I finally had my first girlfriend. Let’s call her “Ellie.”

Ellie wasn’t exactly the most beautiful girl on campus or even in our batch. But she was cool, smart and fun to be with. I figured then, wala sa itsura yaan, nasa ugali.

I asked her out and soon, we started dating. With her, it was very timeline-based but only because I was an idiotic kid who couldn’t quite define the difference between having a crush on a girl, being horny or being truly and madly in love. But because we went out for several months already, because I gave her X amount of roses and because we made out several times, that became our basis for making our relationship official.

Since that point, it became a pretty much downward spiral for the next six years. The moment we became an official couple, she suddenly let it all out. She was a terribly jealous woman. She wouldn’t hang out with her own college barkada because she found out that before we got together, one of her friends had a crush on me.

Ellie was also terribly insecure even with her own high school friends. I found out about this when we were having dinner with them. She literally pulled me away from the group, pulled out a deck of cards, and asked me to play Pusoy Dos. I asked her, “What is wrong with you?”

I might sound like I’m pushing her under the bus but Ellie also didn’t really have the best hygiene habits. Whenever she took her shoes off, they smelled terrible, and at the same time, say out loud that her feet smell like kachichas. I always thought it was terribly unladylike.

I stayed with her (and her smelly feet) for six years because I was a dumb kid who didn’t know any better. One day after six long years, she said to me, “I don’t think you are the one.” Hearing her say that completely broke the spell for me. I finally realized that we were both unhappy. We broke up. I cried my eyes out that night but felt completely awesome the next morning and onwards. She actually did try to ask if we could get back together several times, but I didn’t want to. I knew exactly what I wanted in a relationship. I knew exactly what I wanted in the woman I would spend my life with.


*Name has been changed.

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About Marco

Marco Villanueva (pen name) is a pure-blooded La Sallite. He graduated from De La Salle University - Manila with a degree in Psychology and with the intent of pursuing a medical career. However, he opted to pursue a corporate career.

He first tried his hand in advertising and eventually found his way into the petroleum industry. He worked as a Retails Operations Manager, handling multiple provinces for the largest petroleum company in the Philippines.

After pursuing further studies and acquiring a Real Estate Broker license, he now works as a consultant and network planner for a local petroleum company. He is also a freelance real estate broker.

He still hopes to rekindle an old flame but for now, he relishes in the quietness of his life.


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