Excerpt from Taking My Time To Be Me

By Krystle Marie Pingol


Thirty and single.

This is my current status. Growing up, especially during my teenage years, I can’t remember imagining myself walking down the aisle, not until I reached 25 when I had my second boyfriend. Back then, it occurred to me that by the time I reach 30, I’ll be ready to settle down with this person.

He said he would wait. But after three years, we broke up. I never saw it coming. Like many of us, I have given all the love that I could give without any reservations. I thought that our love was strong enough. I was wrong.

During the breakup phase, I was hired by a new company. New environment, new friends. I decided to focus on work and isolate myself a little bit. At that time, I told myself that I would just do my job and limit the relationships I make with new people.

I asked myself why. Maybe it was because the breakup was so heartbreaking that I didn’t want anyone from work to know what I had been going through. And most importantly, I was at my most vulnerable state.

It was hard enough being in a new environment. At the same time, I was picking up my broken pieces. It shattered me to the point that I didn’t see those attractive men in a romantic way. To a certain extent, I think I became numb. But I was able to survive.

During the moving on phase, I slowly changed. The girl who used to stick to the plan, the girl who used to be so focused, began to live in the moment. I started to do things that I don't normally do. I started trying things I never thought I would even try.

I became spontaneous. I became braver to take new risks. I came to a point when I thought that I should find someone to ease the pain and loneliness. I did find someone but I stopped myself even before I begin to fall.

Photo by Krystle Marie Pingol


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About Krystle

Krystle Pingol is a licensed customs broker and blogger in between. She loves watching Korean dramas. She finds joy in collecting planners and memorabilia.

She also loves to dance like there’s no one watching. She’s a frustrated singer and writer. Occasional traveler, dessert lover. And oh, she loves the corporate world!

Photos by Krystle Marie Pingol




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