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Jack: The way most men would react to this is very predictable, and this is because it ties back to very basic biological impulses. Love is a neurochemical reaction to one’s instinct to ensure the survival of one’s genetic code through reproduction. Men are biologically predisposed to feel threatened by another man being around his chosen partner. This also supports the theory why the penis is shaped like a mushroom—to push out other men's semen to increase the chances of his own seed. So, naturally, most men would find this irksome to say the least. It’s just a natural reaction to the threat of someone else’s genetic code surviving in place of his.

~ Episode 1: Courtship

Jack: Going by the traditional definition of love, no, that’s not enough at all. Absolutely not. One of the more important things in marriage is actually friendship. Love fades as the romance becomes routine. You have to like each other just as much, if not more, than you love each other. Think of it this way—you can hang out with your friends for days on end, and you’re good with that. And that’s because you guys get along. Imagine having to live with someone you don’t get along with. It’ll be hell.

~ Episode 4: Marriage


*Name has been changed.


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About Jack

Jack Ollero (pen name) is an advertising professional, focusing on digital and social marketing.

When not working an office job, Jack likes to dabble in some blogging, gaming and all around nerdy stuff. 


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Before I Do Anthology

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