Excerpt from A First Love That Lasts

By Edzor Zurc*


Tell us about your significant other. What is your love story?

Edzor: My ex-boyfriend, who is now my husband, was my first crush and first love since my high school days. I used to peep through our window to see him pass by our house. He never knew about it. In fact, he never knew who I was or that I even lived in the neighborhood because I never had friends around and never went out except for school. This went on for a long time. Then he became part of my cousins’ barkada and we were finally introduced. I became the composer of their love letters for their crushes. Of course, I was jealous but I settled for being his friend. And then a love letter that I composed for “him” was handed to me.

At first, I thought he wanted me to change some of the contents but then he said the letter was really for me to begin with. I gave it back to him and asked him if it was meant to be a joke or something.

But I did not take it seriously. I gave him the cold shoulder treatment since then. But he was persistent.

During my 18th birthday party, we danced and he kissed me repeatedly on the cheeks and with that, I accepted his proposal to be my boyfriend because everyone saw him kissing me during the party. I had no choice but to say “yes” to him since people might wonder why the guy would kiss me if he wasn’t my boyfriend. That was the start of our story.

Before you got married, what were your reservations or fears about getting hitched?

Edzor: Back then, I asked him, “Where would we stay?” At that time, he was a contractual worker and I was afraid of living with his family at their house. It’s true that it is hard to live with the in-laws, especially with his sisters. Living with my husband’s sisters was a different story. My parents-in-law were very fond of me. They truly loved me and it led to some petty jealousy so we decided that it was best that we rent an apartment so we could enjoy our privacy and decide for ourselves.

*Name has been changed.



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About Edzor

Age: 54
Profession: Certified Public Accountant
Married since: December 1989
Number of Children: 2 Daughters



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