Excerpt from Thou Shall Not Forget

By Clint Torres


The animal kingdom follows certain rules in order to procreate. Male gets female’s attention. Male courts female by proving he’s the best in the land. Female gives in and the two multiply. Simple, right?

But for the human species, the story is not that simple. Courtship could be such a long process and a man’s commitment to this task decides the next chapter of the story. And when you find “The One,” what’s the next practical step? Marriage, right?

And just like women, we do ask these things: Am I ready? Have I thought of this thoroughly? Is my partner ready? What if she says “no”?!

I think the better question for men these days is, “Have I done enough or proved myself enough to my partner for her not to have any excuses for saying no?”

Let me share some of my ideas on what I think can help strengthen the bond between unmarried couples for a more peaceful relationship that could possibly move up to the next level.


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About Clint

Alvin Kristoffer “Bam” Osana, a.k.a. Clint Torres, is a man of science. He holds a Master’s Degree in medical physics from the University of Santo Tomas.

He is a newbie in the writing business and has taken on this challenge to tryout a dream—to immortalize his ideas on paper. His colorful medical physics career has brought him to places where he gained different experiences.

He recently married his fellow medical physicist, Czarina.


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