Snippets from Bal Dy*

Bal: I think it’s only fair to the girl to make your intentions clear right off the bat. They don’t really want to assume. And I suspect that a woman’s need for this is directly proportional to her age (“My eggs are running out! Are you a potential sexual partner to share with the responsibilities of rearing offspring or are you not?”). But women have as many preferences as there are different species of trees in the tropical rainforest, so who knows, really?

~ Episode 1: Courtship


Bal: For one, I think there is an added feeling of security in the relationship. This is probably why I am a more horrible person now, meaner to my wife and also less refined than I was as a boyfriend. I hope she takes this in a positive way. If she has any complaints about it, I would try to tell her that she is following the same pattern, maybe to a lesser degree. She would probably get mad and we would argue, or she would declare a cold war and refuse to talk to me. But at the end of the day, we both know we will make it work. We will compromise. Our relationship is more important than who’s right or wrong. 

~ Episode 4: Marriage


*Name has been changed.


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About Bal

Bal Dy (pen name) earns a living as an English teacher in western Japan, where he has lived since 2008 and met his wife. He is also an internationally published marine biologist, science teacher, trying-hard poet, certified tomato farmer, tree-hugger and skillful masseur.

He enjoys fishing in the outdoors during his free time. Almost two years into married life, he is currently under intense pressure to produce offspring. He claims he is getting better at it.




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Before I Do Anthology

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