PaperKatBooks Mentoring Program

We offer an online mentoring program for writers and non-writers who wish to produce their own self-published books (Genre: Contemporary Romance). The program includes:

  1. Synopsis Creation Guide
  2. Character Development Guide
  3. Guide to Writing and Finishing Your Manuscript (because it's not easy!)
  4. Line Editing Services for Submitted Manuscript/s

Program finishers can avail of the extended services we offer:

  • Copy Editing Services for Line-edited Manuscript/s
  • Book Cover Design, Formatting and Printing c/o HS Grafik Print
  • Book Costing and Marketing Assistance
  • Personal Branding
  • Book Distribution Assistance
  • Business Plan for Book Selling

The information we share through the program is based on personal writing experience. Our stint with #BeforeIDoAnthology and #YAI2017 encouraged us to expand the writing and mentoring program to people who have always wanted to produce their own self-published novels outside of our own titles.

If you’re interested in joining the PaperKatBooks Mentoring Program, take the writing test here.

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