The #WhatAmIToYou Spotify Playlist

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A few weeks ago I hinted that there’s a “secret” #BeforeIDo playlist on YouTube. Actually, each of the books I wrote/write (because I’m still currently writing #FinallyIDo and #MARIPOSA) has a dedicated YouTube playlist. Nothing really fancy, just a bunch of songs that mean something to me or to the actual location where the backstories took place or to the real-life people my fictional characters are based on. Last night, I decided to create a version of the #WhatAmIToYou playlist on Spotify so you can all enjoy it. Just search for #WhatAmIToYou on Spotify. It’s also available on YouTube here. […]

WAITY 25 Things: My Alma Mater and Hazel (Chapter 1)

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UST photo by   In Episode/Chapter 1: Unrequited, we open with our girl Kit Castille talking about her college years. Here we see a different kind of Kit, very much different from her “Queen Bitch” / “Mean Girl” persona in Before I Do, wherein I briefly mentioned her alma mater during that steak dinner. Did you catch that one?  In #BeforeIDo, I wrote that she lost a bet with Johnny during the UST vs. DLSU UAAP finals. In #WhatAmIToYou’s last few chapters, I confirmed that she’s a Thomasian (you have to get your hands on the book to read […]