Coron Trip 2011: Day 2

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    We weren’t good ambassadors of our country. Or maybe the delay was meant to be because if we ended up island hopping with another couple, we wouldn’t be able to explore this part of Coron as much as we wanted.   Coron’s public market.    We woke up around 7:30 AM, changed into beach clothes in a jiffy, and took a 5-minute tricycle ride to the “port” for our island hopping trip. We went to the wrong port, by the way, and took another 5-minute ride to the real port area (the one beside the public market) and talked […]

Coron Trip 2011: Day 1

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  I’ve heard so many great things about Coron. First from a friend and then from my cousins who visited Coron early last year. I’ve always been fascinated by the place so when a couple invited Jet and me to go there this year, we said yes in a heartbeat. Last February 16, Jet and I left the house at around 8 AM. Our plane was scheduled to leave at 11 AM but since it’s our first time to fly Cebu Pacific (and despite the many complaints about their delayed flights), we wanted to be there earlier since we’re trying […]

Simple Daily Things

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I was browsing through Regina’s blog a while ago and saw a video she shared about Divine Lee. I was inspired, really, because I think I’m one of those girls who doesn’t know how to cook until recently. I mean, when Jet met me the only thing I can cook is an omelette and the good ol’ spaghetti recipe. But now, I’m proud to say that I can whip up some other dishes as well, Chicken Cordon Bleu included. And of course, the cookies, cupcakes, and apple pie. Haha! I like what Divine wrote at the end of the video, […]

I’m forever yours, faithfully.

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  I was listening to Arnel Pineda’s version of Faithfully a while ago while doing the layout for this political book I’m handling. I do that a lot—multitask. But a few lines from the song hit home and I felt the need to click pause and write for a short while before I gear up and leave for an appointment in Pioneer and dinner in McKinley. The song talks about the musings of a music man about his long distance relationship. The allure of the long and winding roads, the busy tour schedules, the allure, fame, and opportunities that come from […]