Happy Couple

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  One of my cheap thrills is to browse at love & relationship articles in Yahoo! Whenever I feel the need to stop writing and start reading, I go over my growing list of bookmarked articles from different websites. Apart from getting a whiff of fresh air and a different perspective on things, they do provide inspiration. I found a great one today. According to one article, here are the things that happy couples talk about. I’m so psyched because Jet and I do talk about these things and more.   •  Embarrassing Moments. Too many to mention. And we […]


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  Last Saturday, I bought this darling summer dress at the mall with Jet. I’m planning to wear it on our Puerto Galera trip this May but decided to give it a test run today at the office.   Lately, I’ve discovered a new love for dresses. Well, ever since I came across the 25 reasons why girls should dress up, I found myself buying more dresses and fewer jeans. When girls dress up, the world becomes a different place: people treat you nicely, people look at you differently, and you find this renewed sense of energy to deal with […]